Gratitude. What A Concept!


What happened when you awoke this morning? Did you hear your alarm clock and jump out of bed? Did you rush to the shower or grab your 1st cup of coffee? If so, that’s pretty common. So try this for a change: tomorrow morning, when you awaken, allow yourself to feel the sheets around your body. Take a deep breath and do a nice stretch. Feel your muscles come alive. Appreciate your body. Look up at the ceiling. Be grateful for your eyesight. What’s the first sound you hear? Move around in the sheets again and listen to your body move in and around them. Be grateful for your sense of hearing. Take this exercise and expand it. Tomorrow morning, feel how good it feels to be able to simply make your way around your home. Look at a bird. See a child smile. As you get in touch with the simple gifts and miracles all around you, your sense of gratitude will grow and your life will become all the more richer as a result. Lastly, express your appreciation to someone else in your life. What have you got to lose?

Several years ago, I had what is classified as a near death experience that changed my life. It put me in the hospital for about a week. Lying in the hospital bed, unable to even stand up and look out the window, I found myself thinking about the things in life that I’d been taking for granted. So I began to make a list. This is something I continue to this day. Below are some examples of the things for which I am grateful.

Awakening to a new day. Feeling the warm sun on my skin. Being able to walk. The smell of flowers. The taste of water when I am thirsty. The love in my life. The magic and healing power of music…

If we can pause to become aware of the gifts we possess, it brings us a more balanced perspective.

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