The Power of Loving Kindness

Ever heard of the “Loving Kindness” or “Loving Friendliness” meditation? Below is a brief example. The loving kindness begins with yourself. Something like this: May I be free from anger May I be free from ill will May I be free from jealousy May I be free from mental suffering May I be free from physical suffering May […]

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Gratitude. What A Concept!

What happened when you awoke this morning? Did you hear your alarm clock and jump out of bed? Did you rush to the shower or grab your 1st cup of coffee? If so, that’s pretty common. So try this for a change: tomorrow morning, when you awaken, allow yourself to feel the sheets around your […]

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Time Well Spent

Much of our time is spent striving. We want to achieve more. We want to acquire more posessions. We want that perfect person in our lives. We can become so obsessed with these things that we frequently become imbalanced. We don’t get enough sleep. Or we neglect exercise. In our society, we are constantly bombarded […]

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Being of Service

Ever wake up with a case of the blues? One of the best ways to shake it off is to pick up the phone and see how someone else in your life is doing. Sometimes all we need to do is focus on helping others. Even volunteering at a local animal shelter will help you […]

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Cheaper Than Valium!

Kaiser did a study showing that listening to relaxing music is the equivalent of receiving a 1.5 mg injection of Valium. So sit in a comfortable position, put on your headset, turn off the phone and just have a listen. You don’t need a prescription and refills are free anytime you want!

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Upcoming Attitude Adjustment Radio Interview May 13

Want to listen to some great wellness oriented radio? On Tuesday, May 13 (2pm PST/5pm EST), I’ll appearing with Dr. Karen Rabin, PhD on the Attitude Adjustment with Dr. Iris Rosenfeld. It’ll be a half hour of fun, informative talk with two of the best people in their fields. Iris Rosenfeld, DC is a bestselling author of […]

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Exciting News: Total Performance For Athletes

Work on Total Performance for athletes has begun. I’m really excited about this new project. It will tailored for anyone looking to improve their efficiency, stamina, strength, endurance and recovery times. I’ll begin interviewing several top athletes in their fields (no pun intended…) in the next few weeks to lay the groundwork. Musically, Total Performance […]

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The strength to say “I’m sorry, I made a mistake.”

One thing we all have in common is that we’re human. And human beings all make mistakes. I’m sure you’ve crossed paths with at least one person in your life who—for whatever reason—was unwilling or unable to apologize. How did that make you feel? I dare say that if it was someone you cared about, you […]

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