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Total Wellness Audio is all about improving the quality of your life through sound.

it’s quick.  it’s simple.  it works.

Music is an enduring art form used by human cultures since the beginning of time. Music that soothes, energizes and celebrates life is a constant touchstone for our existence. In the last century, music became easily portable and has increasingly played a much larger role in our daily lives. Long after the passing of phonographs, cassette tapes and the Walkman, we carry iPods, mp3 players, laptops, smart phones, iPads and a wide range of technologically advanced tools to carry music with us as we move through our hectic days.

Since the 1950’s, psychologists have been employed by the advertising industry to “wrap” the environments we frequent in various types of sound.  Whether shopping in malls, dining in restaurants, or merely being placed “on hold”, music and the human voice and the human voice are integral parts of our lives.

The combined power of music and the human voice are undeniable. They create a connection and can set tone and mood.  They  motivate, attract, stimulate, relax and engage us.